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Scented Candle

'Anam Cara' Scented Candle

'Anam Cara' Scented Candle

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"Anam Cara" - Soul Friend

Love comes in many forms. From life long partners,  to relatives, to deep friendships celebrate all the cherished souls in your life.  A little expression of love like giving a gift, can touch a community of hearts.

Scent: Floral spring notes, refreshing lavender, and a touch of canaga tree essence.

This soy 100% vegan candle is carefully handcrafted by Childvision, the National Education Centre for Blind ChildrenThis candle not only fills your space with a delicate and naturally sourced fragrance, but also contributes to a meaningful cause. The employment provided from this candle-making process is a practical step towards fostering inclusivity, as well as empowering young people with visual impairment.

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