Our mission

WMG promotes equality, sustainable production, and Social Enterprise as a way of doing business that is good for people and the planet.

We believe in equality and caring for what matters most – people and the planet. We want to see radical changes in how we as a society produce, shop and support the people who need it.

Our products are designed by some of Ireland best designers and made by people facing social challenges who have been supported to develop valuable skills and gain employment in their craft. Becoming a skilled maker means people can change the trajectory of their life and that of their families and communities. We also produce our products in environmentally friendly ways, reducing waste, travel miles and avoiding harmful production methods. When you choose to support We Make Good, you are supporting social & environmental change in Ireland.

  • We work towards a more equal Ireland where everyone has the chance to achieve their goals

  • We work hard to produce quality and follow through on what we say we will do

  • We act with kindness and care - for our staff and our clients

  • We do things differently – creativity is needed to solve the complex problems faced by society

  • We operate in partnership to achieve more impact than we can alone

  • We aim towards transparency in all our business operations

Our Story

Our Impact to date...

...on people

  • To date we’ve employed over 26 people from marginalised backgrounds. In 10 years, it will be over 150 families with their lives radically improved

  • Our jobs last between 6 months and 3 years and in that time employees learn workplace skills and increase their confidence, sense of belonging, personal pride and meaning

  • 100% of those that have left have moved to employment or education

  • We also support other Social Enterprises to develop new products, helping create more work opportunities

...on the planet

  • Reduced product air-miles

  • Reduced production waste and chemical use

  • Enhanced circular economy activity through innovative use of recycled products

  • Reduced inventory and fashion waste through small MOQs

  • Supporting the slow fashion movement in Ireland by providing Irish designers with ethical production options 

Our Team

Our Supporters

Work with us

Whether you’d like to join our team, support our work or partner with us on a project we’d love to hear from you

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