We are less than a month away from a historic referendum and this is a crucial moment to bring people’s attention to the need for a Double Yes vote. A win is by no means secure -  This is one we can’t afford to lose!

On March 8th, the public goes to the polls for what will be a momentous referendum ballot. The potential consequence of a negative vote would be a huge backtrack in Ireland’s progress on women’s rights, providing fuel to the far right for the years ahead. In response to the risk of the referendum failing, We Make Good, the award winning social enterprise is mobilising high profile public figures and influencers to wear our ‘Mná Mná’ t-shirt. Designed and printed in Ireland, these eye-catching tees will help raise awareness of this most important opportunity, aligning us with existing campaigns such as those run by the women’s council.

What will a YES vote mean for Ireland?

A win will mark another step further in the progression of women’s rights in the Irish state. It will also support the recognition of division of labour within the domestic setting and a wider, more inclusive definition of family.

What happens if we get a NO vote? 

A loss would not only be a setback for women’s rights, but would stem the tide of progressive politics in Ireland and be a victory for the growing far- right movement in the country.

For too long, the Irish constitution has enshrined that a woman's primary role is within the home.. But on March 8th, we have the chance to change that archaic narrative. A YES vote means recognising the invaluable contributions of women in ALL aspects of society, from the boardroom to the living room. It means giving women the freedom to choose their paths, pursue their goals and dreams, and thrive in every sphere aspect of life.

By Voting YES on the Family and Care Amendments, we're breaking down barriers and ensuring that ALL families, regardless of their structure, receive equal recognition and protection.

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A limited run of the ‘Mná Mná’ t-shirts are available for online (€42). By purchasing one of these t-shirts, supporters can help to build awareness of the crucial need for a Double Yes, as well as support the campaign’s resources.  Let's come together and make Ireland's constitution less sexist!