Create Your Own Brand Ethical Products.

You can now create your own brand ethical products, just follow these six easy steps:

  • 1

    Select a white label product as shown below.

  • 2

    Decide on your textile. We have a small selection or you can send your own. We can advise on appropriate textile types.

  • 3

    If you have a sign or drawing we can screen print your own pattern. If you’d like to us a designer to create your logo, image or pattern, call and we can give you a list of designers.

  • 4

    If you’d like a woven label with your brand identity to be stitched into the product, you will need to order the labels. We can provide with some addresses for label companies (allow at least 1 month).

  • 5

    We confirm all details of your order by email.

  • 6

    We will send you an invoice, once paid and all materials are received, we start production and agree your delivery date. Your products are shipped to you when complete.

  • Large Canvas Bag

  • Canvas Pencil Case

  • Cosmetic Bag

  • Cosmetic Bag Large

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Large Cosmetic Bag

  • Long Cosmetic Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between White Label and CMT?

CMT requires your pattern, fabrics and trims. For White Label products we provide textiles and trims from our range, and work from our patterns. In both cases you provide your branded labels.

What are our payment terms?

For all samples: full payment is required upfront, production cannot begin until payment is received.

For production: 70% of overall cost is required upfront, 30% on collection.

We accept bank transfer or paypal. We can also except cheque however there will be a 5% processing charge. 

We offer 30 days payment terms on invoices

Late payments incur a fee of 5% every month

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

10 unit per style. This can be split across sizes.

Is there a contract?

We will send you an email confirmation with a  document outlining the order terms: including: price, delivery date, and quantity with reference to the technical requirements provided by yourself. If you respond to this email to confirm the details, as well as okay the sample, we keep this on file and regard it as the contract.

Do you provide discounts for larger orders?

Yes we do, discounts start are offered for bulk orders, dependant on the product / garment.

Do prices include shipping?

They don’t. But we can arrange shipping and include costs on your second invoice.

How is WMG sustainable and/or ethical?

First let’s look at what these terms mean, sustainable production refers to production which uses the least previous resources possible. Ethical refers to way in which production is undertaken and looks primarily at employment practices. We aim to be the highest in industry standards in each area.

Sustainable production 

The fact that we produce in Ireland means far less travel miles for your products, this significantly reduces carbon emissions for products.

We reduce waste through considered pattern cutting 

Through our partnership with MACE our unavoidable offcuts (that can’t be made into alternative products) are recycled off shore and returned as textiles that can be used for new products.

Our print workshop uses only water-based dyes (TRISH), which has a much better environmental footprint than other toxic polluting dyes.

We use only 100% bio-degradable packaging 

All paper products are recycled

We have policies to reduce electricity use, and have selected a workshop with generous natural lighting

Our own range of products, sources from either recycled/reclaimed materials or uses natural fibres with high production standards (i.e. GOTS)

Ethical production 

We provide on the job training for people who come from marginalised backgrounds. It may be that they have been in prison or are on probation, or that they have completed drug rehabilitation. In this cases, some of our staff have never previously had a job, or not had one for many years. For others on the team, they have to come to Ireland as a refugee and are building their life here with a need for new language and work skills. In all cases our staff initially need support to develop confidence in their ability and to build a new supportive community. We do this by creating individual support plans and taking a flexible approach to helping them develop new workplace or communication skills. All our staff become skilled in their areas and become partners in our goal of growing and creating opportunities for others. After three years or when people are ready, whatever comes first, we help people find new mainstream work, so that we can support new people on this life changing journey.

As soon as trainees have completed their first trainee phase (3 – 12 months), having developed basic sewing/workplace skills, they receive living wage, prior to this in the first training phase they receive minimum wage.

100% of our profits goes back into making more positive change. We don’t just donate a portion to charity – we are a charity – all our time, resources and profit is used to create more social impact. Thanks for being a part of our community in this goal.

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