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Christmas Decoration

'7 Acts of Soundness' 12 DAYS Christmas Decoration

'7 Acts of Soundness' 12 DAYS Christmas Decoration

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This wooden Christmas decoration reminds us that kindness is more valuable than gold. So this Christmas, we’re trading in the gold rings for some acts of soundness.

Modernise the 12 Days of Christmas for a more inclusive Ireland: Crafted with care, this decoration features a lasercut design and recycled wood pulp ribbon, embodying a commitment to sustainability. Plus, it's plastic-free, aligning with the values of environmental responsibility and conscious consumerism.

Handmade in Limerick by people from a marginalised background: Produced by Cairde Enterprises, an education and training centre in Limerick, this decoration represents resilience and creativity, contributing to empowerment and inclusion. Designed by talented Dublin-based designer Holly Montell, her work is distinctively layered with an irrepressible humour that can’t help shining through.
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