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Christmas Decoration

12 Days of Christmas Retold - Set of 12

12 Days of Christmas Retold - Set of 12

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On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me... a gift for my zero waste tree, 2 giddy grandkids, 3 neighbours knocking, 4 pints at your place, 5 homemade jumpers, 6 reunion brunches, 7 acts of soundness, 8 Santas diving, 9 rainbow stockings, 10 voices carolling, 11 upcycled presents, 12 men and women toasting.

Modernise the 12 Days of Christmas for a more inclusive Ireland: Crafted with care, this set of lasercut wooden decorations, measuring 92mm each, features a recycled wood pulp ribbon, aligning with the values of sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Handmade in Limerick by people from a marginalised background: Produced by Cairde Enterprises, an education and training centre in Limerick working with individuals affected by the criminal justice system.

Designed by talented Irish-based designers including Ashwin Chacko, Conor Nolan, Fuchsia MacAree, Holly Pereira, Holly Montell, Kathi Burke, Neasa Tierney, Paula McGloin, Red & Grey Agency, Lauralee Guiney, Lydia Hughes, and Tara O'Brien.
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