A note about provenance

A note about provenance


There is a lot of talk these days about cutting back on our consuming, decluttering our homes. I am all in favour,  but I do still love my things. They're what makes my house look like I live in it. And they make it feel like home to me. Old things, found things, thrifted things: I like them to have a story;  an old one, a new one, my own or someone else's. 

It's easy to be drawn to something beautiful, but when I pick that something up, and know where it has come from and who was made it, it makes me feel differently about it. I know that behind this object is a person and this very fact makes me feel more connected to that object. To know that this person was paid a fair wage here in Ireland, that they prepped materials, put them together and finished them, and at the end held something in their hands that they could be proud to sign their name to, makes me proud to own it.  Character and provenance are imbued into objects through their making, through the maker and their story. 

A sense of place is important, for you and your things - let your things tell you a good story.

Joan Ellison