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Christmas Decoration

'5 Homemade Jumpers' 12 DAYS Christmas Decoration

'5 Homemade Jumpers' 12 DAYS Christmas Decoration

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Craft revolution... This wooden Christmas decoration reminds us that there isn't anything more cozy and comforting than a homemade hand-knitted jumper. This year has seen a newfound appreciation for Irish crafts, with more people than ever picking up their needles to join a craft revolution, embracing the beauty of handmade items and traditional techniques.

Modernise the 12 Days of Christmas for a more inclusive Ireland: Crafted with care, this decoration features a lasercut design and recycled wood pulp ribbon, embodying a commitment to sustainability. Plus, it's plastic-free, aligning with the values of environmental responsibility and conscious consumerism.

Handmade in Limerick by people from a marginalised background: Produced by Cairde Enterprises, an education and training center in Limerick, this decoration represents resilience and creativity, contributing to empowerment and inclusion. Designed by talented Dublin-based design agency Red and Grey Agency, known for their innovative approach and ability to make brands stand out.
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