Copper Poncher


  • Product Description

      As any true Moscow Mule lover knows, providing the proper copper vessel is absolutely essential to the entire sipping experience. An effective thermal conductor, copper works wonders as a material used in barware, since the versatile metal can maintain both cold and hot temperatures and keep beverages from getting diluted or watered down.

      This generous vessel, called both a Poncher and a Saucepan, made in the exact same shape for hundreds of years by expert tinsmiths in the Travelling Community, serves up a right hot cup of tea. It's said that once you have your tea out of a poncher, you'll never go back to your regular mug. What's not to love - a big mug of tea, piping hot with a fine rim and comfortable handle...we're sold.

      Maker: James Collins & Tom McDonnnell, Traveller Tinsmiths, Finglas, Dublin