Beauty lies in the story of how a product is made as well as its design.
We believe the things around us should reflect who we are and what we want the world to be.

Ireland's First Social Enterprise Design Store

Our products are designed by some of Ireland's best emerging designers and made by people facing social challenges who have been supported to develop valuable skills and gain employment in their craft. 

We started with the idea that things could be better. For some people in Ireland coming from a disadvantaged background, due to ethnicity, disability or time in prison for example, having a job is the goal, but not one that feels achievable.

Becoming a skilled maker means people can change the trajectory of their life and that of their families and communities

Whats a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is business with a heart - greater employment through social businesses means a fairer, more inclusive society.

We Make Good was born out of our desire to grow the social enterprise sector in our country, to create many more job opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, to acknowledge their determination and to embark on a journey together towards a better future.

Each product we offer stands for big ideas - hope, opportunity and a belief in each other.

Ethics, environment and people

We choose materials and processes that have a low environmental impact. We are ethical, sustainable and fair. We create change, value and impact in everything we do.

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Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: 12PM - 6PM
Monday: Closed

Phone: 01 872 0030
Address: 16 Fade Street, Dublin 2